Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving yall


So it says its been two months since I last posted anything. I knew it had been awhile, just not that long. Sorry.

I have three different things to talk about, which could easily take up three different posts, but Ill condense them and just make one multi-purpose post. Everyone cool with that? Good.

1) Im bored. Plain. Simple. Bored. I went home early on Monday because I was sick, called in Tuesday and Wednesday for the same reason, Im off today because its a holiday, I work tomorrow - NOT looking forward to it - and then Im off on Saturday and Sunday. So in a 7 day period Ill have worked 1 and a half days. Im barely on day 4, and Im bored. I was bored on day 2, but I was too busy being sick to care. So anyone reading this, I invite you over for a night of board games and scary movies. Make sure to bring your jammies with the feet and the back door... Ill be wearing mine, they have trains on them.

2) Have you heard the amazingly awesome news? Barry Bonds is going to prison! Woohoo! Yeah!
Ok, so not quite yet, theres a few legal procedures he has to go through, but one does not usually get a federal indictment against them and walk away. If the feds, the United States government, thinks your guilty, then they have a pretty damn good reason and youre pretty much screwed.
So why is he going to prison? This might come as a shock, so you might want to sit down... ok, hes going to prison for steroids and his lying about them. I know, I know, I couldnt believe it either! Barry Bonds and steroids? Who woulda thunk it?
Besides him going to prison and getting analized by many many... bat boys... the other good thing about this is that maybe baseball will now strip him of his stolen record and give it back to Hank Aaron, gift wrapped with an apology... and this should prevent him from ever getting anywhere near the Hall Of Fame. Perhaps there is justice afterall.

3) It seems as though once a week Im introduced to yet another new piece of merchandise of amazing coolness. Heres the latest three.....
- Crayola Multicultural Crayons -
How neato! Theres a crayon for every cultural in the world. But they could have come up with better names other than "peach" or whatever. Why not "Mexican brown" or "white trash"? Damn the world for being overly pc.

- Sam The Cooking Guy Flip Grill -
Is it a griddle? Yes. Is it a grill? Yes. Is it amazing? Absolutely! And it comes with a cook book and its all from the most awesomest cooking guy in the whole world... who just happens to live here in San Diego. Seriously. Hell go into the cabinet or fridge, take out whatever is there, and make something Emeril will drool over. And the other cool part is that its available only at my work, not yours.

- Freschetta pre-sliced pizza -
Its pizza... presliced... on a baking sheet. This will definitely be taste tested in the very near future.

Aight yo, thats about it for me. Pumpkin pie is calling and I cant say no anymore. So have a Happy Thanksgiving and Ill try not to take two months between posts.