Sunday, October 25, 2009

It sucks to be: Rush Limbaugh

Rush. Rush. Rush. Why does it suck to be you... today?

I could have written about how he wanted to buy the St Louis Rams of the NFL, and how the players, the coaches, the commissioner, everybody involved with the league said "Umm... youre a hate mongering racist and we dont want you" and so he was dropped from the group trying to buy the team.

I could have written about that. But... no, I went with this:

Full disclosure: I am NOT a Rush Limbaugh fan. Not even a little bit. I think hes one of the most vile people on the planet with no redeeming qualities and should he die today the world would be a better place.
Part of the reason I despise him is because of the way he attacks people. Its one thing to be critical of someone or something, and do so in a responsible way, but what he does is attack people and never lets facts get in the way. What Ive labeled that kind of attack is a "drive-by" which just means he slows down, takes a couple shots, and then speeds away hoping he does enough damage to his target and doesnt care about anything else. Even the truth.
The are sites on the net devoted to keeping track of Rushs lies. And if it was an occasional thing, there wouldnt be enough for a site, but luckily for those webmasters, he does it practically on a daily basis. Heres a quick article about Rush intentionally, and continually, lying and misquoting people:

Rushs latest "drive-by" target was one of his favorites: President Obama. See, when President Obama was just "college student Obama" he wrote a thesis titled "Aristocracy Reborn" in which he described his "doubts" about the "so-called founders" of the United States, among other things.
So Rush, doing what Rush does, went on his radio show and proceeded to tear into the President about his college views: "This... little... boy, in college, writing about it with utter disdain, and he STILL shares those same feelings!"

One small fact: the supposed college thesis written by Obama while in college was actually written a bit ago by some guy, for his blog, and CLEARLY labeled as "satire."
But again, Rush never lets little things like facts get in his way of smearing somebody. Its always "shoot first, and never ask questions later."
To his credit, he did apologize on his radio show for being a dumb ass and believing "satire" meant "truth." Oh, wait, its Rush Limbaugh, so he didnt really apologize. Instead, he issued this statement:
"We have to hold out the possibility that this is not accurate. However, I have had this happen to me recently. I have had quotes attributed to me that were made up. And when it was pointed out to the media that the quotes were made up they said "It doesnt matter, we know Limbaugh thinks it anyway." Sorta like Dan Rather said "I dont care if these documents are forged, I know that Bush did what he did at the National Guard, I dont care if the documents are forged." "I dont care if the Limbaugh quotes are made up." So I can say I dont care if these quotes are made up, I know Obama thinks it. You know why I know Obama thinks it? Because Ive heard him say it."
Oh Rushipoo, even when youre wrong you still claim to be right, doncha? "Person A did it to me, so I have the right to turn around and do it to Person C." Thats logic right there. Youre wrong, your whole attack scheme has been exposed yet again, so just man up and admit that you eagerly let yourself get fooled just so you could attack Obama... again.

Fact checking is a corner store of the news business. You check, and re-check, and check your facts again before you ever put something out there as news. Its called responsibility. Or you can go the easy way out... you can get a radio show, call yourself El Rushbo, and not have to worry about those trivial and annoying fact thingamabobs.

Rush Limbaugh... it sucks to be you.

-- DBW --