Friday, April 27, 2007


Hola --

Im sick. Well, I was. Or still am. Not really sure. But earlier this week I was sicker than I am today and with sickness comes a runny nose. And thats what this is about.
So there I am, sitting at Burger King, waiting for my food, when my nose starts to run and I realize I need to take care of it. So I head to the restroom and... theres no paper towels. Not only that, but there no mirror either. Hows a boy supposed to stop a leaking nose with no equipment?
And its not just Burger King either. Its getting to be that more and more fast food places have replaced towels with air dryers - good for the environment, but sometimes you just need a towel, ya know. And theyve decided that mirrors arent really required either. So if you just wanna comb your hair, you gotta bend down and try and get a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of the dryer. Not really dignified.
So, my plea to all of you fast food types out there that might read this, please, for me, reinstall mirrors and towels, Id appreciate it.

--DBW --

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Im currently in yet another fight with some kind of cold or flu and once again the same question pops into my head.....

Why does the human body have the inability to digest - or even swallow - mucus?

Think about all the things youve attempted to swallow over the span of your life - unless it was a living animal - has any of them ever fought to not be swallowed? Once you get some mucus in the back of your throat, you can swallow, and swallow, and nothing will happen. You can eat some food to help it along, or drink something to encourage its journey, but nothing will force in downwards. Its like Satan waiting for entrance at the gates of Heaven... it just wont pass. And in the end, you end up coughing it out in huge greenish brown globs.

Whatever. Id go on some more about this, but I gotta go dislodge something from my throat.

Til next time.....

-- DBW --

Thursday, April 19, 2007

9 days o' fun

Yall --

Today. Whats so special about Today? Well, one month from three days from now and Ill officially be on vacation. Woohoo!!!
Yeah, yeah, for some of you nitpickers out there, I guess its also fair to say that one month from yesterday at 12:45pm is when my vacation officially starts. And for you other nitpickers, its also equally right to say that one month from this tomorrow is when it starts. Damn! Cant you just give me a break on this? Does it always have to end up in an argument about whos right? Cheeses!

So, one month from today - pick whichever date works for you - Ill officially be on vacation. Woohoo!!! And whats a boy and his girl to do on their vacation? Simple answer... alot.

Friday, May 18th - Clock out from work at 12:45pm. Vacation!
Saturday, May 19th - Possibly kayaking in the Pacific off of La Jolla
Sunday, May 20th - Disneyland
Monday, May 21st - Universal Studios
Tuesday, May 22nd - The San Diego Zoo
Wednesday, May 23rd - San Diego Wild Animal Park (taking a 4 hour deluxe photo caravan)
Thursday, May 24th - Sea World (swimming with the dolphins)
Friday, May 25th - Legoland
Saturday, May 26th - Possibly kayaking in the Pacific off of La Jolla
Sunday, May 27th - Resting for work the next day

Ya see? Were gonna be pretty busy doing lots of fun stuff. Hmm... now that I think about it, we may need to take a vacation after our vacation.

-- DBW --

Friday, April 13, 2007

His will be damned

Hola my peeps --

This post was created with many parents. Its an idea I had for quite awhile, add some conversations Ive had with different people, throw in some this and some that, and top off with a show on DiscoveryHD called "Last Maneater" that I was watching a couple minutes ago when the thought popped into my head yet again.
Before we get to it, I suppose I should preface this by saying that this has nothing really to do with my feelings about religion. Im not the most religious person, but Im not anti-God either. Whatever you believe in is up to you, so hopefully this post isnt viewed as a knock in any way. If it is, remember, its my blog, so youll just have to live with it.

Back to the story.

"Last Maneater" was about the people in Eastern India who face the constant threat of attack from Bengal tigers that seem to be more aggressive than tigers found anywhere else. Before going into the jungles, these people would gather and pray to their God for protection, fearing that to not do this would ensure an attack. And thats where the thought popped back into my head.

Why do people pray?

Lets continue to use these people for my example. If they pray and dont get attacked, then "God protected them." If they dont pray and do get attacked, then it was obviously "Gods will." And lets suppose they pray and unfortunately get attacked anyway, why was that? Well, again, it had to be "Gods will" and nothing to do with a hungry tiger after the deer carcase that these people were carrying back to their village to feed their family.
So do you see the issue? If you believe its "Gods will" regardless, then your prayer means nothing. You have an equal chance of getting attacked - or winning the lottery - whether you pray or not. So while it may make you feel better, or may instill in you the notion that God is on your side and the odds are now in your favor, the truth is that it makes no difference either way. Call it your "Gods will" or my "thats just the way things are."
And what about this... if I should pray for something that directly opposes what you pray for... is God forced to choose, does he have a preference, or does he just flip a coin? Best of three wins a million bucks.
I realize that people turn to religion, use religion, have religion in their lives so that they can be comforted or have a sense of... whatever they need to have a sense of, and I have no issues with that, but all of that aside, I cant help but think that prayer is totally pointless.
And regardless of the outcome, to say "it was Gods will" is, to be honest, a lame substitute for saying "whatever happens happens."

I know, I know, that has all been an exercise in blasphemy, right? Oh well, I guess its a good thing I havent posted my full bible rant. Yet. Perhaps the only reason I have yet to do so... has been Gods will.

Til next time...

-- DBW --

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Just a quick question...

Does anyone else besides me find it a bit... odd... that last night Major League Baseball held a game called "The Civil Rights Game" featuring the Cardinals and a team called the Indians? I guess the only thing that would have made it worse was if it was a football game with the Redskins.

Maybe I just think too much...

-- DBW --

Triple Espresso

See... told ya Id be back.

Last night Blanca and I went to go see Triple Espresso - a Christmas gift from Justin and Cinthya - it was her first time seeing it, and my second time. It was also the second time the box office came "this close" to screwing me over. Not a good record for them.
The first time I went - it was roughly 7 or 8 years ago, and if I wasnt so lazy Id get up right now and find out the exact date - I went to the box office and asked for tickets for a specific date, well pick a random date and say Saturday the 10th. So I say, "Can I have two tickets for Saturday the 10th" and the guy goes "No problem, let me see what we have." A minute or two later he looks away from the computer and says "We have great seats available, just gimme a second to print them up for you." A minute or two later I hand over my $100 and he hands me 2 tickets..... for Saturday the 17th.
I politely point out his error and he looks me in the eye and says "Im sorry, theres nothing I can do, theres no refunds or exchanges." He actually said that to me? Yep. So again I point out that I asked for the 10th and was given the 17th. "Im sorry, theres no refunds or exchanges." The third time I pointed out his error I wasnt so polite and basically told him that he screwed up and I wasnt leaving until I had the correct tickets in my hand. He stares at me with a look that was like "He actually said that to me?" Yep.
He grunts something, walks over to the phone, calls someone - who I can only assume is either the man behind the curtain or some Ticketmaster Godfather because of the way they always treat him with awe, respect, and fear any time he needs to be called.
The phone goes back down, the guy walks back over to me, and says "He says I can make an exception for you." Or goody, "for me." He goes back to the computer, types some stuff in, shakes his head, and informs me of the bad news. "Im sorry, but on the date you asked for were having a party and we practically have no tickets left. Umm... I can turn some water into wine and squeeze you in somewhere." Ok, he didnt say the wine thing, but he was acting like he was gonna work some kind of miracle. "For me." So he finally says "The only tickets I have are in the very back row, do you want them?" The theater is very very small, only has nine rows, so the very back row is still really close to the stage. I didnt know that at the time, and he was making it sound like I was going to be in the next city, but I agreed anyway.
The 10th comes around and Briana and I get to the theater and find out seats, center of row 9. By the time the show starts, theres nobody in rows 6, 7, or 8. Not a single person. And rows 4 and 5 are about half full. And rows 1, 2, and 3 are mostly full. So much for the guy working a miracle and squeezing us in as a favor "for me" by the approval of the Godfather.

Jump ahead to last week. Ha. That sounds funny... like "Back To The Future." Anywho...

Last week Blanca and I decided that Saturday the 31st would be a good day to use the gift certificates we got for Christmas, so I called the box office and talked to a very nice guy who assured me, by the end of the phone call, wed have awesome seats. Cool.
Yesterday we go eat dinner, then head to the theater, and go to the box office to pick up the tickets. One little problem. We dont have any.
The guy asks me my name, I tell him, he says "Are you sure?" Uhh... yeah, pretty sure thats it. "Ok, Ill trust you, but the thing is, we have no tickets for you." I said nothing, just stared at him. He does more checking, first in a little box, then a big folder, then a computer. Yep, nothing. He picks up another folder, scans through it until he finds the number to our gift certificates, and it shows that Justin had bought them, but that I hadnt cashed them in yet. Not good.
So he asks me to spell my name, and I do, and he goes "That sounds very familiar, did you call these in?" Yes. "Did you talk to a guy?" Yes. "That was me. I wonder why I didnt enter your information." Me too. "Good news is that I can get you MUCH better seats that I would have been able to get you last week." Another miracle. I kinda wanted to say, "Dude, theres only nine rows, how much better could you actually get me?" But I smiled, said thanks, cuz afterall, he was doing it... "for me." And he didnt even have to call the Godfather to make it happen.
We ended up with center of the 5th row and had a very fun time. But maybe its a good thing that this is their last season cuz I dont know if I wanna give them the opportunity to go three for three with me.

Til next time...

-- DBW --