Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tracking UPS

Hola --

So, as I mentioned previously, my PS3 is... sick. Swine flu or something, I dont know. Not only did it cost me a bundle to get fixed - $160 - its also taking a bit longer than expected.
My PS3 "got sick" on August 25th while I was playing the new Batman game. I thought it would get well all by itself, so I let it sit a couple days, a week actually, and when I finally accepted that it needed professional help, I contacted Sony on September 2nd.

And so, with that in mind, heres a recap on the whole process, with updates when needed.

September 2 - Sony contacts UPS and tells them to pick up the packing box and deliver it to me.
September 2 - Im contacted by Sony and UPS and told to expect the box on September 4th.
September 3 - UPS finally picks up the box from Sony in Laredo, Texas... 22 hours later.
September 3 - UPS informs me that the new delivery date is September 8th.
September 3 - At 9:15pm my box departs from Laredo, Texas
September 4 - At 7:00am my box arrives in Dallas, Texas - a 6 hour trip that somehow takes 10 hours.
September 5 - After sitting in Dallas for 34 hours, my box finally departs at 4:54pm.
September 7 - At 12:44pm, my box arrives in Ontario, California.
September 8 - At 12:10am my box departs Ontario for Chula Vista
September 8 - At 4:30am my box arrives in Chula Vista
September 8 - At 6:43am my box is loaded into a big brown truck and sent out for delivery
September 8 - After arriving home from lunch I see a nice shiny (dull cardboard) box on my doorstep which had been delivered at 3:31pm

I followed the instructions and packed up my PS3 for its return trip to Laredo, Texas

September 9 - At 1:30pm I dropped my PS3 off at the UPS place
September 9 - At 4:25 UPS picked up my PS3
September 9 - At 9:35pm my PS3 left Chula Vista
September 10 - 12:03am and my PS3 arrives back in Ontario
September 10 - At 3:36am my PS3 departs Ontario for Dallas
September 12 - 7:20am and my PS3 arrives in Dallas
September 13 - 3:33am and my PS3 departs from Dallas
September 13 - 4:01am and my PS3 arrives in San Antonio, interesting since it didnt stop here on the way to me
September 14 - Its 3:07am and my PS3 departs from San Antonio
September 14 - 6:00am and my PS3 has arrived in Laredo
September 14 - 6:30am and my PS3 is out for delivery
September 14 - 7:39am and my PS3 finally arrives at Sony to be fixed

After, what apparently was a successful operation, my PS3 was bundled up, given a cup of cocoa, and sent on its way back to me.

September 14 - 10:05pm and my PS3 is picked up by UPS in Laredo
September 15 - At 4:43am my PS3 arrives in Houston
September 15 - At 7:05am my PS3 departs Houston for... Houston?
September 15 - At 7:36am my PS3 arrives in Houston... again?
September 15 - Its 8:00am and my PS3 leaves Houston for a second time
September 15 - At 11:15am my PS3 arrives in Louisville, Kentucky
September 15 - At 4:09pm my PS3 departs Louisville

So it was looking like my PS3 was going to show up "around" next Tuesday, but it now should be here this Thursday. Im excited. A little lighter in the wallet, but excited.

More updates when available.

-- DBW --

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It sucks to be: Joe Wilson

I decided to add a new semi-regular feature here. Thats the intention anyway. If youve ever seen Keith Olbermanns "Worst Person In The World" then its kinda like that, but I swear I didnt steal the concept.
It kinda developed out of talking online with friends about the Tila Tequila situation and so I thought Id just add it to my blog. So even though I didnt intend for it to be so, I now unofficially rename my previous post to "It sucks to be: Tila Tequila" and I congratulate her on being the first inductee into this very prestigious club. Her award is in the mail.

So, without further ado, I give you the second inductee... Joe Wilson.

This country, our country, has rules. Some of them have been written down, just in case anyone would forget, and then there are some that are supposed to be common knowledge and theres no reason to have on paper. No reason, unless youre Joe Wilson.
During President Obamas recent address to Congress on health care reform, he had said "There are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false. The reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally," And it was at this point that Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina, stood up and shouted "You lie!"

According to 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning website Politifact.com, Joe Wilson was just plain wrong with his statement. Read the full article here: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2009/sep/09/joe-wilson/joe-wilson-south-carolina-said-obama-lied-he-didnt/

We live in an amazing country, we have the most freedom in the entire world, and one of those freedoms is the right, sometimes obligation, to challenge those in power and call them out on things theyre doing wrong, even if that person is the President.
But, there is a time and a place for those criticisms, and so we must defer to those pesky rules. There are actually rules, and punishments, for those that shout out while their peers are speaking, but there isnt a rule for when someone shouts out while the President is speaking because you just dont do it.
It is an unwritten rule, perhaps even close to law, that the President, regardless of who it is, regardless of which party hes from, regardless of how much you disagree with him, regardless of how much you hate him, the office of the President of the United States - not necessarily the person - deserves your complete and total respect while hes at a function acting as the President. No exception.
And so when Rep Wilson unfortunately let his emotions get the best of him, he would soon hear about how wrong he was. Not from just people like me, or talk shows, or wed sites, or the ruling Democratic party, but from his fellow Republicans as well.
He messed up, and everyone took turns slapping him silly for it and to his credit he made a formal apology for it, which President Obama accepted saying "We all make mistakes."

Ah, but it doesnt end there.

Remember, the reason Rep Joe Wilson stood up and shouted "You lie!" at President Obama was because hes opposed to health care for illegal immigrants and thought Obama was covering up the fact that under the new health care plan those illegals would get free health care.
Apparently, like most politicians, Joe Wilson has a very bad memory, especially when it comes to his own actions. See, in 2003 Rep Joe Wilson actually voted FOR federal funds to be given to health care for illegal immigrants.
Personally, I agree with those funds being given to illegal immigrant health care, and theres currently a bipartisan bill in Congress to make it permanent, but unfortunately for Rep Wilson, he seemed to forget that he was in favor of the very thing he stood up and erroneously accused the President of lying about.

Umm... oops.

So, for my second induction, Rep Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina... it sucks to be you.

Til next time...

-- DBW --

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cant spell "A lying nutjob" without "T-I-L-A"

Sup --

Ive seen, heard, been around, my share of "domestic disputes" and Ive always felt very bad for everyone involved. The victim, obviously, and also the aggressor because somewhere inside them they think that their actions are ok. And then there are those who get caught up in the "dispute" and end up feeling just as much pain as those directly involved. Basically, nobody wins.
I also have a problem with people claiming that theyve been a victim of something when in fact they have not. Racism, sexism, violence, etc. To me, it takes away from the pain and suffering of all the other people that have legitimately been victimized. So naturally Im a bit disturbed by the whole Shawne Merriman and Tila Tequila situation.
When the story first broke I shook my head and jumped to the conclusion that Shawne had totally screwed up and he was gonna end up paying for it. And yes, I admit, as a fan of the Chargers I selfishly thought that he had hurt the team, my team, and he was an idiot for doing so.
But then details started coming out and at first I started to doubt the sincerity of Tilas claims and eventually I came to the conclusion that she was flat out lying. I wasnt there, I have no proof either way, but throughout the whole thing, Shawnes story stayed exactly the same and her story kept getting holes shot in it.
In the end, the DA looked at the evidence and decided that there was nothing there to charge Shawne with. To which Tila Tweeted "Shawne Merriman, the NFL & the San Diego D.A.'s want 2 toss me under the bus with conspiracy & corrupt judicial system. I will keep fighting." She also Tweeted "At my meeting with the D.A.(which they said never happened) they asked me to bring them all the evidence..." First, for clarification, she told the world she had a meeting with the DA on Friday, which the DA said was not correct because, well, it wasnt correct. Knowing she was mistaken, instead of correcting her Tweet, she just removed it completely. I mean, when youre caught making a statement thats not factual, its best to erase all evidence of it, right? And in the process of erasing your error, lets again take a shot at the "corrupt" DA again. Nice.

Speaking of Twitter, I went to her page this morning for the very first time and... I think shes keeping the place in business. She seems to Tweet more than every other user combined. Shes like one of those Spam-bots that just spews forth stuff at a rate thats staggering.
While I was there I became concerned for her sanity and at the same time laughing my ass off at here craziness. Lets just take a look at some related Tweets...

"As I said, the ENTIRE incident, every detail, will surface very soon. U will be appalled once u learn all criminal activities he engages in."
First of all, she has like 900,000 Tweets, so youd think, at some point, shed actually enlighten us with all of these supposed criminal activities that are taking place. Im not saying hes a saint, Im just saying, if you cant keep your virtual mouth shut, then say something of importance that people might actually be interested in, and dont just flap your gums about things that, concerning your reliability, probably dont exist.

"There is a STRONG reason why I was trying to get away frantically that night & they tried 2 stop me. They DID NOT WANT THE TRUTH 2 GET OUT!"
Again, if theres such a "STRONG" reason that she "frantically" tried to escape, then tell us what it is or shut up! And if they really really didnt want "the truth" to get out, do you really think a girl that barely weighs 100 pounds would be able to escape from a NFL linebacker? Really? If so, then some team better sign her ass to a contract real quick.

"Do u know the feeling when u look into someone eye's while your throat is being cut off from it's air? Knowing in any second u could die????"
So Im at a loss here, either Tila is an incredible escape artist, as I previously said, or Shawne sucks at killing people, or perhaps... perhaps... "someone" is making stuff up at worst, overreacting at best. Just saying.

"Being a woman should be an EMPOWERING thing since WE BIRTH LIFE into this world! So I will NOT let a man take away my dignity!"
No, why let a man take away your dignity when you can do a very good job of it yourself. Girl power!

"I am taking this risk and voicing my thoughts because THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE HEARD! I have nothing else to lose but release THE TRUTH!!!!!!"
I hate to say it but, again... where... is... the... truth?!

"So if I all of a sudden go "missing" or "Dead" in the next few days....please don't be surprised that it was a set up!"
Youre fricken kidding me!!! I dont even know what to say to this. The girl is absolutely out of her mind! If I were her Id get that "truth" out as soon as possible then.

Ok, then we came to a point in her Tweets where she said this about Shawne: "He is so pathetic! Trying 2 get his followers to get him on trending topics."
Got that? The funny, sad, thing is that PRIOR to this SHE had said: "Keep it going you guys! We are still in trending topics!" and "to Number 1!!!!!!" and "to number 1 trending topics!!" and "NOW IN 5TH SPOT TRENDING! NUMBER 1 HERE WE COME!" and "We are now in 4th place and moving up to #1 spot!"
What a damn hypocrite! I dont care if either of them are number 1 in whatever, but dont knock someone for doing the very same thing youre doing!!! Sad thing is that, according to her other Tweets, she doesnt see an issue with it. Poor girl.

She also made a Tweet that very obviously appears to quote TMZ: "The D.A. Made a Reckless Decision"-Via TMZ" and she gave the link to the posting. I went to the link and ya know what, that quote isnt from anyone at TMZ, its from a statement her and her legal team made that TMZ just happened to post online. Again, why post "the truth" when you cant just make smeared statements and have the masses believe what you want them to.

"And every single person who is supporting him is probably guilty of being a WOMAN BEATER AND ABUSER AS WELL! For shame!"
Hi, my name is Sam, and apparently I abuse women. Whatever.

Ohhhhhhhh, so what shes NOW saying is that she was trying to leave Shawnes place cuz he was trying to turn her into a sex toy to pass around at his party. Thats one heck of a statement, especially coming from a person that has a dedicated phone line for people to call her and beg for dates. Im in NO WAY saying forcing someone to do ANYTHING is acceptable, Im just saying that she apparently thinks its ok to be easy as long as shes getting paid for it.

"Soooo....only someone who is that desperate would go to the mainstream media and say all those things. Because he is guilty. I rest my case."
Only the truely innocent know where to go... Twitter.

"But me? I did not do that. Every single mainstream media outlet has bombarded me for interviews and I said "NO" I dont need 2 do that."
If you want her side of the story... or some version of "the truth" that might, at some point, in the very near distant future, get released but probably never will but stick around anyway... you need to follow her on Twitter and help her get to number 1 in trending topics! Woohoo!!!

We get to one final - "final" cuz I just couldnt subject myself to anymore of her Tweets - section where she starts by saying: "Him and his people already released like 5 official statements to cover his ass and I have released ZERO! Why do u think it is?"
She then followed that very statement up with, among numerous others: "Those who are guilty..talks the most because they know they are guilty."
Over the next 20 minutes, she posted 19 Tweets!!! If the guilty talk the most, then do those that know theyre lying post a Tweet a minute? Just curious?

Ive given this too much of my time already. If she was a victim then I really do hope Shawne would get whats coming to him, but Im just not buying it. All Im left with is the feeling that shes a sad sad person whos obviously looking for as much attention as she can possibly get.

Now if youll excuse me, I need to go buy a Merriman jersey and get ready for Mondays game.

-- DBW --

Friday, September 04, 2009


Me again --

Quick update, some have asked where the rest of my Comic-Con recap is, and because of "other" circumstances that have nothing to do with me, ill most likely not be posting the rest. Sorry.
I actually would have finished the recap prior to these "other" circumstances happening except for one thing... my computer died. Luckily for me, I have connections with some very cool people and my computer is in good hands being checked out and Im currently writing this on a tablet laptop that they let me borrow. Basically, a loaner computer while mine is in the shop.
Now, if that wasnt bad enough, last week my PS3 died as well. This was probably due to the heat weve been having, but unfortunately I dont have connections to get it fixed, so its getting shipped off to Sony and is gonna cost me $150. Nice huh?

Anywho, thats been my life for the past month-ish.

Oh! It may have taken three years, but I FINALLY got a new mattress. Unlike the one I replaced, this one is bigger and actually fits my bed frame. I know, youre jealous. :)

Aight, Im outta here.

-- DBW --