Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tracking UPS

Hola --

So, as I mentioned previously, my PS3 is... sick. Swine flu or something, I dont know. Not only did it cost me a bundle to get fixed - $160 - its also taking a bit longer than expected.
My PS3 "got sick" on August 25th while I was playing the new Batman game. I thought it would get well all by itself, so I let it sit a couple days, a week actually, and when I finally accepted that it needed professional help, I contacted Sony on September 2nd.

And so, with that in mind, heres a recap on the whole process, with updates when needed.

September 2 - Sony contacts UPS and tells them to pick up the packing box and deliver it to me.
September 2 - Im contacted by Sony and UPS and told to expect the box on September 4th.
September 3 - UPS finally picks up the box from Sony in Laredo, Texas... 22 hours later.
September 3 - UPS informs me that the new delivery date is September 8th.
September 3 - At 9:15pm my box departs from Laredo, Texas
September 4 - At 7:00am my box arrives in Dallas, Texas - a 6 hour trip that somehow takes 10 hours.
September 5 - After sitting in Dallas for 34 hours, my box finally departs at 4:54pm.
September 7 - At 12:44pm, my box arrives in Ontario, California.
September 8 - At 12:10am my box departs Ontario for Chula Vista
September 8 - At 4:30am my box arrives in Chula Vista
September 8 - At 6:43am my box is loaded into a big brown truck and sent out for delivery
September 8 - After arriving home from lunch I see a nice shiny (dull cardboard) box on my doorstep which had been delivered at 3:31pm

I followed the instructions and packed up my PS3 for its return trip to Laredo, Texas

September 9 - At 1:30pm I dropped my PS3 off at the UPS place
September 9 - At 4:25 UPS picked up my PS3
September 9 - At 9:35pm my PS3 left Chula Vista
September 10 - 12:03am and my PS3 arrives back in Ontario
September 10 - At 3:36am my PS3 departs Ontario for Dallas
September 12 - 7:20am and my PS3 arrives in Dallas
September 13 - 3:33am and my PS3 departs from Dallas
September 13 - 4:01am and my PS3 arrives in San Antonio, interesting since it didnt stop here on the way to me
September 14 - Its 3:07am and my PS3 departs from San Antonio
September 14 - 6:00am and my PS3 has arrived in Laredo
September 14 - 6:30am and my PS3 is out for delivery
September 14 - 7:39am and my PS3 finally arrives at Sony to be fixed

After, what apparently was a successful operation, my PS3 was bundled up, given a cup of cocoa, and sent on its way back to me.

September 14 - 10:05pm and my PS3 is picked up by UPS in Laredo
September 15 - At 4:43am my PS3 arrives in Houston
September 15 - At 7:05am my PS3 departs Houston for... Houston?
September 15 - At 7:36am my PS3 arrives in Houston... again?
September 15 - Its 8:00am and my PS3 leaves Houston for a second time
September 15 - At 11:15am my PS3 arrives in Louisville, Kentucky
September 15 - At 4:09pm my PS3 departs Louisville

So it was looking like my PS3 was going to show up "around" next Tuesday, but it now should be here this Thursday. Im excited. A little lighter in the wallet, but excited.

More updates when available.

-- DBW --

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