Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dreams dont come true

Yo --

Two nights ago I had a nightmare. I totally get that when I describe it to you, you wont think its that bad, but for someone like me, it is. And it wasnt a nightmare that was full of fear, or dread, or anything like that, if anything it was panic. Panic and a sense of "What the Hell am I gonna do now!?" And even though some of the details changed, this isnt the first time Ive had this nightmare.


So Im walking down the street, following two guys whom I dont know, bu we seem to be headed to the same place. A destination Im unaware of at the moment. So were walking and we pass one of my cousins headed the other way and she says hi and asks me where Im going. My response: "Comic-Con." She tells me to have fun, and I continue on my way.

Time out.

I dont know if this will make sense, but have you ever had a dream and during the dream you kinda become conscious of the fact that youre dreaming? I mean, youre still asleep, youre still IN the dream, but theres some portion of your brain thats kinda "awake" and "watching" whats going on. Well, I do that sometimes and this was one of them.

Time in.

So I continue on my way to Comic-Con and my brain suddenly becomes alive and is like: "WHAT?!"
Somehow Im no longer walking and Im on my bike and my brain is still freaking out. And steady stream of questions start pouring out: why am I taking my bike? Where am I going to keep it while Im there? Wheres my backpack? I dont have any snacks! I didnt pack any extra clothes! Whats the schedule? Whats the schedule?! WHATS THE SCHEDULE?! What am I going to do? I cant go to Comic-Con with no backpack, no supplies, and no idea whats going on! I am SO unprepared! What am I going to do? How can I salvage this situation? Whats the plan?!

Like I said, that probably wont register as a nightmare to some of you, but it was not a fun dream for me. And like I said, not the first time I was "going to Comic-Con" and had NO idea what was going on. I wonder if theres any hidden meaning to this or if my brain is just screwing with itself. Whatever. This is one dream I know will NEVER come true. Thankfully.

-- DBW --

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We the jurors...

Back in February of this year I wrote a blog about the upcoming terrorists trial that would be taking place in civilian courts. Need a refresher:

Well the very first trial has come and gone, and the results are exactly as I anticipated: Innocent.
Well, to be accurate, Ahmed Ghailani was found innocent on 179 of 180 counts. The one count he was convicted of - conspiracy to destroy government buildings - comes with a minimum sentence of 20 years.
Of course, Obama is being blamed for this failure. Not the fact that this guy was possibly innocent. Not the fact that the evidence against him, if he was guilty, was minimal or circumstantial. Nor the fact that some evidence had to be thrown out because the previous administration used "coercive" means to get that evidence. For those of you that are a bit slow, coercive is another word for torture.

So yes, shame on Obama! Its all his fault that the Bush administration tortured a possibly innocent man to get circumstantial evidence that wouldnt hold up in court. Boo Obama! Boo!

And before this gets too far out of hand, lets get one thing perfectly straight: this isnt about Obama, no matter how bad people want to point the finger at him. The evidence was compiled by the Bush administration and the verdicts were delivered by the American people.
And not just any American people, New Yorkers. Yes, the trial of an accused Middle Eastern terrorist was held in the city that was devastated by Middle Eastern terrorists, and the jurors put aside their potential prejudices and delivered a verdict based on law, on the Constitution, and not on emotion or politics.
As US District Judge Lewis A Kaplan said told the jurors: "You have shown that American justice can be rendered calmly, deliberately and fairly by ordinary people, people who are not beholden to any government, not even ours, and It can be rendered with fidelity to the Constitution.You have a right to be proud of your service in this case."

To those infuriated by the verdict, I have one question for you: what it more important to you, justice or a conviction no matter the truth?
And to those of you who are bitching that the trials should have stayed in military court, I have one question for you: is it your belief that a military court would have convicted him even though the evidence proved he was innocent on 279 of 280 counts?
And lastly, a question to the military court: Would you have convicted him anyway? And if so, shame on you.

Dont misunderstand, I do not wish for the freedom of those who are guilty, but right is right and wrong is wrong and the ends do not justify the means. Were a country built on laws and individual rights, and they extend to all those on our soil, even if that soil is a CIA "black site" in some country thats looking the other way.

Hate Obama all you want, hate the verdict or the process too, but the jurors did the right thing and justice was carried out.

-- DBW --

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So long LT, I wore you well

Today is a bittersweet day.

Today I officially retired my LaDanian Tomlinson jersey. We had good times, we had bad times, and when the Charges changed their uniforms, we cried a bit cuz we knew our days together were numbered. And then when LT went to the Jets, we pretty much said our goodbyes to each other. So, my dark blue #21 jersey will now take up residence next to my dark blue and orange Padre jersey. They will be missed, but never forgotten.

Now, the reason I was able to officially retire my LT jersey is because I now have a powder blue Philip Rivers jersey! Yes, I finally broke down and bought one. And, to borrow a line from my last blog... Im THRILLED!

Hopefully this will be the thing the Chargers need to get their heads out their asses! And hopefully Philip Rivers doesnt get traded.

Til we meet again...

-- DBW --

Bloggy Blog Blogger

Yo --

Regular readers to my blog know that my postings have been highly... irregular. In the past Ive thought about how to improve this, have made vows to do so, and have always slacked off. So this time, no promises.


About two months ago I finally got a smart phone. An Incredible to be precise. The thing basically does everything but make me breakfast. I love it! One of the things Ive been looking into is downloading an app to let me blog from my phone, whenever I wish. Still looking for the right one, but I AM looking.
Anywho, so I log into Blogger for the first time in a while to see specifically if I could sync it to Facebook - one of the main culprits keeping me from consistently blogging - and I see something of extreme interest to me...

Blogger now has a tab called "Stats".

If you use Blogger this is probably not news to you because you probably log in more than I do, but since this is my first time seeing it, Im THRILLED!
Once upon a time I had downloaded an add on for a prior blog because I was curious who was reading what I wrote. And to find out that Blogger now does this... Im THRILLED! Did I say that already?
So now with my smart phone, and my new stats tab, these just may be the "fiber" my blogging diet has needed. But again, no promises.

And to those of you in France, Greece, Poland, South Korea, Brazil, and the United States... hi. :)

Until next time.

-- DBW --