Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello there

A friend of mine texted me today and said that she was interested in starting a blog because she wanted to write, and asked if I knew where she should begin. So I gave her a few options and, as I type this, she is currently creating a home.
But her enthusiasm reminded me that, once again, I have neglected my own blog. For clarification, I do still write, and create, but my last post for public consumption was June 2011. Thats 7 months ago. No delusions from me though, the "public" is not demanding I change my ways either, although I still get the regular visit from various people around the world. Literally.
Just an opinion, or a theory, but I think my apathy towards my blog can be traced to the rise of Facebook and then followed by Twitter. Everyone was blogging without even realizing it. Including me.

But, Ill hop back on this horse, and see how far we ride this time.

So, Ill see you again next year.

Wait! No! Thats not what I meant! Dammit!!!