Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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Yo --

Regular readers to my blog know that my postings have been highly... irregular. In the past Ive thought about how to improve this, have made vows to do so, and have always slacked off. So this time, no promises.


About two months ago I finally got a smart phone. An Incredible to be precise. The thing basically does everything but make me breakfast. I love it! One of the things Ive been looking into is downloading an app to let me blog from my phone, whenever I wish. Still looking for the right one, but I AM looking.
Anywho, so I log into Blogger for the first time in a while to see specifically if I could sync it to Facebook - one of the main culprits keeping me from consistently blogging - and I see something of extreme interest to me...

Blogger now has a tab called "Stats".

If you use Blogger this is probably not news to you because you probably log in more than I do, but since this is my first time seeing it, Im THRILLED!
Once upon a time I had downloaded an add on for a prior blog because I was curious who was reading what I wrote. And to find out that Blogger now does this... Im THRILLED! Did I say that already?
So now with my smart phone, and my new stats tab, these just may be the "fiber" my blogging diet has needed. But again, no promises.

And to those of you in France, Greece, Poland, South Korea, Brazil, and the United States... hi. :)

Until next time.

-- DBW --

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