Monday, September 06, 2010

Thank you, come again

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Full disclosure: I work at a major retail chain. The name is not important because this has nothing to do with either my company or my store specifically, but if you know me, you know who pays me. And this is neither the official, or unofficial, opinion of my company, it is mine and mine alone. Well, mine and pretty much every other person that works retail.

There is one thing that I hate about my job: guests. I know, I know, if it wasnt for the guests, I wouldnt have a job. I get that. But what I dont get, what bugs THE HELL out of me, is how, and why, guests can come into my job and treat it as either a playground for themselves or a day care for their kids.
On one hand, I can kind of... kind of... give the kids a pass, because, well, theyre kids. Their job is to do stupid stuff. By their parents, thats another story. 1) Where are they? 2) Why havent they taught their kids the difference between right and wrong, or at the very least simple respect?

Case in point: closing shift, Sunday, September 5, 2010

Its about 8pm at night and Im walking behind a family that consisted of a Mom, a Dad, and 4 kids ranging between 4 and 6. Each kid was carrying a giant playball.
Sidenote: If you work in retail, and if your store sells these playballs, chances are you despise them as much as I do. Kids come in all day, take them from the bin, and play with them. Most of the time setting them down on the floor and walking away when their parents finally come pick them up from "day care". Which means we have to pick them up and put them away constantly. I HATE these balls, and since they only sell for about $2.50 each, my company better be getting a massive return on them to justify their continued selling of them.
So Im walking behind the family, were all headed to the checklanes, and I was actually thinking to myself that it was nice to actually see someone buying them for a change. We get to our Snack department, and out of nowhere two of the kids take the balls they were carrying and just throw them as hard as they can down the aisle. The parents didnt say a word to either kid, and the group continued walking. Me? I actually said out loud: "What the fuck?!"
The group continues to the checklanes and the other two kids take the balls they had and throw them as hard as they could into our Girls department. Again, Mom and Dad say nothing. Me? I couldnt help but say "You mother fuckers!"
It was obvious that the parents had absolutely no intention of buying one of the balls, let alone all four, so what the hell did they think was going to happen to them? Did they think the balls were going to put themselves away? No, they probably figured, like every other inconsiderate assclown that shops retail, that it was the job of the employees to just walk around and pick their shit up. Cuz thats what I get paid for, right? But what gets me even more, is how could the adults condone the behavior of the kids? How can they just act like it was normal?
Honestly, if they werent purchasing merchandise, I would have picked the balls up and thrown them at the back of their heads. Ok, probably not, but in my mind I saw each kid getting pegged and dropping to the floor. But, I was the good boy and did nothing like that, instead, I picked the balls up and stood there holding them as I stared a hole through both parents. Basically: pay for the stuff and leave my store.

Before I wrap this up, I have one misconception to clear up: NO, I do NOT get paid to pick your crap up and put it away! That is something that I have to do, IN ADDITION TO, my normal job that I actually DO get paid for!
So the next time you walk into a store and decide not to purchase something and set it down nowhere near where it goes, or allow your kids to play with something and then throw it through the store, just remember that someone has to pick that up for you. Probably the same someone that could be assisting another guest with their shopping experience. Or the same someone that could be stocking the shelves with that item you came in for. Or the same someone that could be going up to help cashier to help you check out faster.
So the next time youre in my store - or any other store - and you get frustrated because theres nobody around to help you, dont even bother to bitch because theyre probably picking up after someone else. Someone... LIKE YOU.

Til next time

-- DBW --

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