Friday, September 04, 2009


Me again --

Quick update, some have asked where the rest of my Comic-Con recap is, and because of "other" circumstances that have nothing to do with me, ill most likely not be posting the rest. Sorry.
I actually would have finished the recap prior to these "other" circumstances happening except for one thing... my computer died. Luckily for me, I have connections with some very cool people and my computer is in good hands being checked out and Im currently writing this on a tablet laptop that they let me borrow. Basically, a loaner computer while mine is in the shop.
Now, if that wasnt bad enough, last week my PS3 died as well. This was probably due to the heat weve been having, but unfortunately I dont have connections to get it fixed, so its getting shipped off to Sony and is gonna cost me $150. Nice huh?

Anywho, thats been my life for the past month-ish.

Oh! It may have taken three years, but I FINALLY got a new mattress. Unlike the one I replaced, this one is bigger and actually fits my bed frame. I know, youre jealous. :)

Aight, Im outta here.

-- DBW --

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