Saturday, April 21, 2007


Im currently in yet another fight with some kind of cold or flu and once again the same question pops into my head.....

Why does the human body have the inability to digest - or even swallow - mucus?

Think about all the things youve attempted to swallow over the span of your life - unless it was a living animal - has any of them ever fought to not be swallowed? Once you get some mucus in the back of your throat, you can swallow, and swallow, and nothing will happen. You can eat some food to help it along, or drink something to encourage its journey, but nothing will force in downwards. Its like Satan waiting for entrance at the gates of Heaven... it just wont pass. And in the end, you end up coughing it out in huge greenish brown globs.

Whatever. Id go on some more about this, but I gotta go dislodge something from my throat.

Til next time.....

-- DBW --

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