Friday, April 13, 2007

His will be damned

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This post was created with many parents. Its an idea I had for quite awhile, add some conversations Ive had with different people, throw in some this and some that, and top off with a show on DiscoveryHD called "Last Maneater" that I was watching a couple minutes ago when the thought popped into my head yet again.
Before we get to it, I suppose I should preface this by saying that this has nothing really to do with my feelings about religion. Im not the most religious person, but Im not anti-God either. Whatever you believe in is up to you, so hopefully this post isnt viewed as a knock in any way. If it is, remember, its my blog, so youll just have to live with it.

Back to the story.

"Last Maneater" was about the people in Eastern India who face the constant threat of attack from Bengal tigers that seem to be more aggressive than tigers found anywhere else. Before going into the jungles, these people would gather and pray to their God for protection, fearing that to not do this would ensure an attack. And thats where the thought popped back into my head.

Why do people pray?

Lets continue to use these people for my example. If they pray and dont get attacked, then "God protected them." If they dont pray and do get attacked, then it was obviously "Gods will." And lets suppose they pray and unfortunately get attacked anyway, why was that? Well, again, it had to be "Gods will" and nothing to do with a hungry tiger after the deer carcase that these people were carrying back to their village to feed their family.
So do you see the issue? If you believe its "Gods will" regardless, then your prayer means nothing. You have an equal chance of getting attacked - or winning the lottery - whether you pray or not. So while it may make you feel better, or may instill in you the notion that God is on your side and the odds are now in your favor, the truth is that it makes no difference either way. Call it your "Gods will" or my "thats just the way things are."
And what about this... if I should pray for something that directly opposes what you pray for... is God forced to choose, does he have a preference, or does he just flip a coin? Best of three wins a million bucks.
I realize that people turn to religion, use religion, have religion in their lives so that they can be comforted or have a sense of... whatever they need to have a sense of, and I have no issues with that, but all of that aside, I cant help but think that prayer is totally pointless.
And regardless of the outcome, to say "it was Gods will" is, to be honest, a lame substitute for saying "whatever happens happens."

I know, I know, that has all been an exercise in blasphemy, right? Oh well, I guess its a good thing I havent posted my full bible rant. Yet. Perhaps the only reason I have yet to do so... has been Gods will.

Til next time...

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