Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hello again

Well, here we are again. Miss me?

If youre keeping count, this is blog number... 3? Yeah, even I lost count. Its ok though cuz this one will be bigger and better. Full of extra oomph, but still 99% fat free. And the same rules still apply though:
- I post what I want. If I write something you dont like, go get your own blog. This one is mine and I say what I wish.
- I post when I want. Sometimes Ill post every day. Sometimes a couple times a day. Sometimes Ill miss an entire month. This isnt a job, Im not getting paid to do this, and so I have no requirement to do so.
- Youre encouraged to comment as much as you wish, on anything you wish. All I ask is that you try to be civil, even if we disagree on something.

So there ya go. A quick introduction. Simple rules. So sit back and enjoy the ride, but remember that the exits are here, here, annnnnnnd here.... and you may get off anytime you wish.

-- DBW --

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