Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Happy two weeks before Christmas to yall --

So, Im watching tv and theres a commercial for Lowes, I think, and theres a guy who walks up to a female employee and asks her to pretend to be his wife while he went shopping for her. Perhaps youve seen this?
Anywho, they walk around the store and he picks up item after item in a "Hey honey, look what I got you!!!" sort of way and no matter what he picks up the employee looks at him with a disgusted look like "You cant be serious?!"
In the background you can see a good portion of the store, and I cant see a single thing in there that I would buy for my girlfriend. Nothing. No tools, no hardware, no nothing. Id get slapped upside the head if I wrapped anything up from there and tried to pass it off as a gift for her.
But thats not the worst part. Again, despite it not being a "girl" store, and despite the female employee being totally embarrassed and disgusted that this guy would even come to this store for a gift for his wife, the two of them finally settle on the perfect gift... a gift card.

Did you get that? The female employee basically told the guy "Youre an idiot for shopping here for your wife, she wont like anything you pick out from here, and youd be lucky to "get some" ever again if you do... so just go ahead and buy her a gift card. From here. So she can come in and not see anything she wants to buy."

It would be like me getting my best, straight, guy friend a gift card to Victorias Secret. Why? Hed never use it and Id look like an idiot. So how exactly do these commercials get green lit? How can the concept get past a room full of people whos job it is to discard nonsensical crap like this?

I digress. I shall scratch my head no more for this being on the air since nobody scratched theirs before it got there.

Til next time...

-- DBW --

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