Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Im back

Hello my friends we meet again, its been awhile, where should we begin.....

The pretty much sums it up, havent really posted in a while, for various reasons I havent really felt much like doing so, and I will make no promises that Ill do better in the future. Ill try, but... well... Ill try.
Over the next couple days I plan on blogging about my Comic-Con adventures. One post per Comic-Con day, five posts in all. Thats the plan anyway. Anyone willing to take bets on if thats what actually happens?
I shall leave you now and get back to writing about Preview Night or, in comic book terms, Comic-Con: Day Zero.

By the way, a "No-Prize" to anyone that knows where my opening line comes from.

See ya in a few...

-- DBW --

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