Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hola --

Last night we went to our annual family night at the Padres game (which has been loosely attached to my birthday celebration), and we chose to go on "Tony Gwynn Appreciation Night" where they unveiled the first, of hopefully many, statues at Park At The Park.

But this isnt about the good and the great of the night or the legend that is Gwynn.....

Why, oh why, must people insist on being obnoxiously rude and calling attention to themselves at the expense of the comfort and enjoyment of everyone else?!
We were sitting in right field - appropriate since it was Tony Gwynn night - and in the seat right behind us, literally right behind us, was this guy who was either drunk (though in all honesty he didnt appear to be) or just a first class ass.
For the entire game, and you must understand that by saying the entire game, I really mean the entire game, he didnt shut up. He alternated from screaming, to yelling at the roving camera man, to yelling at the players, to yelling at nobody in particular, to screaming some more. And if youve ever been around someone thats being obnoxious, youll notice that - like this guy - whatever is being said or screamed makes absolutely no sense.

"Yeah, thats it, whos your Daddy, thats it, yeah, go ahead and swing again with that empty.... bat.... thing..... yeah!!!! Camera man!!! Over here!!! Were cool!!! Were cooler than them!!!"

Around the sixth inning his throat got sore. How do I know this? Cuz he rolled up one of the free posters they gave away and used it as a megaphone to scream "My throat is sore!!!" Unfortunately, not sore enough to shut him up though.

So why? Why do people feel the need to do this? Why do they choose to be an ass? And why doesnt anybody thats with him - like the guys girlfriend - tell him to shut up? And if youre one of these people, and youre reading this, do me a favor... die.

-- DBW --

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