Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Not my President

A year and a half. Thats it. One year and one half until we can wipe our hands, or our asses, of the mockery that was the Bush White House. And thats 18 months too long.

It seems that every day I log onto the internet I see yet another story about how Bush has tried to give, or has given, the finger to someone. Congress. Iran. Mexicans. Civil Rights. Your Mom. The list could literally go on and on and not end.

Unfortunately, theres plenty of blame to go around for this. And alot of it goes to you people. Yes you.
You can claim that in the year 2000 you didnt know any better and that you honestly thought Bush would be a decent President. For that, you get a pass. But when 2004 rolled around, when you knew how screwed up in the head he was, when you knew how much of a damn liar he was, when you heard about secret after secret that he was keeping, when youve seen him continue to take our rights away one by one, when youve seen him turn the world - including many of our long time friends - against us, we he unjustly declared war and invaded another country (or four), when his hands became soaked in the red blood of our soldiers while the pockets of his friends became lined with green... when all of this, and more, happened, what did you do? You said "Thank you, give me four more years."

Good job America. Good job.

Its tough to sit here and continue to watch the exploits of the most corrupt President this country has ever had, to see him prance around like he rules the entire world, acting like a drunken redneck, all the while thumbing his nose at every single one of us - even at you dumbasses that voted for him - and not be embarrassed to be an American.
Yes, I said it. Im "this close" to actually being embarrassed to have been born in this country. In all honestly, if I was in another country and someone asked me where I was from, Id be very tempted to say Canada.
But I wont do that. I wont be embarrassed. I wont let him, or you, force me to feel that way. Instead, I will do what I should have done long ago..... from this point on, George Walker Bush is no longer the President of MY United States. Hes no longer MY President.
To all of you that voted for him, hes your responsibility. His path of destruction, devastation, and utter contempt for right and wrong is the legacy that you left to America. No, what you left to the world. Youre just as much to blame for this as he is. Maybe more. He is who he is, and he cant change that. But you, you had a choice. And you fucked up. And you did so knowingly, willingly, with a smile on your face, and then celebrated afterwards. Again I say, good job.

A year and a half until Im rid of him. But today, I reclaim my country for myself. The rest of you, you can take your dictator and get the Hell out of here, cuz I dont want you anymore.

So Happy Birthday to MY America. And Georgie... go fuck yourself.

-- DBW --

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