Thursday, September 20, 2007

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

I, like Im sure the rest of you are, am saddened by the loss of Nelson Mandela. This news has come as a huge shock to his family, his friends, the world as a whole, and most of all, to Nelson Mandela himself... who thought he was very much alive.
Sadly, that is not the case. As reported first by your very own President Bush, he is, in fact, dead. He was murdered. Killed. By the recently hanged Saddam Hussein. Possibly with weapons of mass destruction. Who knows. But if Bush says its so, then it must be, right? After all, he is "The Decider" and if he decides Mr. Mandela is dead, then not even Nelson himself can argue. Facts shall not get in the way of a good sound bite.

YOUR President is an idiot -

-- DBW --

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