Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Simplest Life

Yes, its me again. Dont try and pretend you dont like seeing me again. Dont even try it. Anywho, I was looking at naked women... umm... I mean checking out High School Musical 2... awww Hell, Im less embarrassed about the naked women, so well just stick with that.
Anywho, someone posted about Lindsay Lohans plea deal for her latest criminal escapades and, honestly, I laughed in disgust. So I did some checking - specifically at Americas three little angels: Paris, Nicole, and Lindsay - and heres their rap sheet.

Name: Paris Hilton
Date: September 2006
Crime: Drunk driving, reckless driving
Jail time: 0 days

Name: Paris Hilton
Date: January 2007
Crime: Driving on a suspended license
Jail time: 0 days

Name: Paris Hilton
Date: February 2007
Crime: Driving on her suspended license while on probation, speeding
Jail time: 23 days (initially released after 4)

Name: Nicole Richie
Date: February 2003
Crime: Possession of heroine, driving on a suspended license
Jail time: 0 days

Name: Nicole Richie
Date: December 2006
Crime: Driving under the influence while going the wrong way on the freeway, admitted to also using drugs
Jail time: 82 minutes!!!

Name: Lindsay Lohan
Date: May 2007
Crime: Driving under the influence, cocaine possession
Jail time: 0 days

Name: Lindsay Lohan
Date: July 2007
Crime: Possession of cocaine, transportation of a narcotic, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license
Jail time: 1 day

Lets recount this shall we.....

Crimes: 4 instances of drunk driving, 1 instance of reckless driving, 1 instance of driving the wrong way on the freeway, 1 admission of drug use, 4 instances of driving on a suspended license, 1 instance of speeding, 1 instance of possession of heroine, 2 instances of possession of cocaine, 1 instance of transportation of a narcotic.
Jail time: 24 days, 82 minutes

Flippin' hilarious. Naw, the rich and famous dont get special treatment. Nope, not at all.

-- DBW --

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