Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 - Year In Review

Happy New Year --

Well, 2007 has come and gone, and nows as good a time as any to look back and see what I did... or didnt do.
Unlike last time, I did not keep track of all the food I ate. It was too much work, and it was kinda scary looking back and seeing all the crap I consumed. So, done with that. But this is what I did keep track of:

Books. I read 6 of em. Thats one every two months, and 5 more than I read in 2006.

Movies. I watched 109 of them in 2007, three dozen more than the year before. Thats a very rough, 1 every 3 days, and I probably watched so many considering that I didnt really go anywhere. Which brings us to...

Places. In 2006 I went to 55 places. Not really alot, but on average, once every 6 days. In 2007 I went to 42 places, or one every 8 days.
If we only look at the places I went with Blanca - minus vacation - then in 2006 I went to 47 places, or one every 7 days. In 2007 I went to 28 places, or once every two weeks.

So there we go. 2007 in review. Hopefully 2008 will be filled with more fun than last year. Well, it cant get worse... right?

-- DBW --

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