Monday, January 01, 2007

A Year In My Life: Summary

Happy New Year yall --

Two thousand and seven has come, two thousand and six is gone, and my "Year In My Life" experiment is officially complete as of today. Because I know how eagerly you awaited the results, I shall condense everything for your reading pleasure.

I saw 88 movies I rented 81 of them, went to see the other 7, and out of all of them, I now own 5. Conclusion: Im actually kind of surprised that I watched a movie about once every 4 days. I never would have guessed that.

I read 1 book and started another. Conclusion: For someone that considers himself a reader, I sure didnt do much of it.

I went out to have fun - 99% of the time with Blanca - 48 times. 20 times we went to an amusement park with Sea World being the most with 8. We went to 8 plays. And 5 times we left San Diego county including once to another state and once to another country. Conclusion: With an average of going out and doing something about once a week, Id say we did pretty good considering the fact that our "free time" became extremely rare this year.

I went to 26 different restaurants for a total of 51 different times. And 21 of those times were buffets. Conclusion: Again, once a week, and almost half of the time we go to a restaurant to eat, its to a buffet, so either we want our moneys worth, or we like food too much.

I ate at 33 different fast food places for a total of 306 times. The one place we frequented the most was Subway and we went there 70 times. Conclusion: WOW! I eat WAY too much fast food. But, if theres a positive - and thats a BIG if - at least I try to eat as healthy as possible by going to places like Subway or eating veggie meals when theyre available. Still, thats way too much.

So there ya have it. A very simplified account of everything that was me for 2006. In case youre curious, no, I wont be doing the same thing this year too. Well, thats sort of true. I wont be keeping track of my food intake, just the fun stuff. :)

And with that... have a safe and exciting 2007 and try and stay away from fast food.

-- DBW --

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Anonymous said... really kept track of ALL the things you did in 2006? WOW...Sam, I thought Daniel was obsessive, but you take the cake hands down.