Friday, May 04, 2007

The American Way

Aloha --

Know what I hate? Barry Bonds? Yeah, him, and his time is coming again, and way too soon. But no, something else.

The President? Ok, ok, yeah, him too - and I just might write something a bit later about that one, but thats not what this is about either.

No, what I hate, and its really annoying me, is the way movie studios continue to release their dvds. The practice of unleashing the initial version of "Movie" in January. Then in March releasing "Movie: The Expanded Edition" in March. Then in May you get "Movie: The Super Duper Ultimate You Really Gotta Buy This One Edition." And then just in time for Christmas, youre blessed with "Movie: The Last One Was Okay, But This One Is Even More Super Duper And If You Dont Buy It You Suck Edition."

I have a decently sized movie collection. Not enormous, but not bad. As I sit here looking at it, its pretty difficult to find a movie I own that hasnt had multiple editions released after I bought it. Whats worse is that these "expanded editions" that come out usually consist of nothing more than "8 EXTRA MINUTES!!!" or "THE ENDING YOU DIDNT SEE IN THEATERS... OR ON THE DVD YOU ALREADY HAVE!!!" Stuff that 1) didnt make it into the theatrical release for a reason and 2) should have been included on the first edition of the dvd in the first place.
Now, dont get me wrong, Im not knocking the extras that are included on the movies I buy, in fact, I seek out the extras, I love the extras, and there are movies I own in which Ive only watched the extras and nothing else. Its just I cant justify, in any way, the need to buy numerous editions of a movie, in the same year, barely months apart, at $25 a pop, for the sake of mere minutes of deleted scenes. Was "Spiderman 2.1" really necessary just to see the scene where Peter was playing with "Little Spidey" while looking at pictures of Supergirl? Dont think so.
But its the American way I suppose. To squeeze as much money out of people as possible while giving them as little as you can in return.

Lucky for me, I dont have any money. :) Umm... I mean :(

-- DBW --

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